This exciting regional collaboration will bring together NHS healthcare providers from across the North West region to offer you greater flexibility in where, when and how you work.

By joining the collaborative bank, you will have first choice of available shifts tailored to your preferences, which you can easily access via the app or your desktop.

You’ll also be helping NHS healthcare providers across the North West fill shifts quickly and without additional agency fees, reducing costs and increasing the quality of care to patients.

Register your interest in joining the North West Trinity NHS bank.

How it works

Joining the North West Trinity collaborative bank is a simple and secure process:

  • Sign up and set your profile.
  • Enter your availability and apply for shifts.
  • Confirm and work your shift.
  • Submit your electronic timesheet.
  • Once your timesheet is authorised, you will receive your weekly payment.

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Where can I work

NHS organisations from across the North West region have collaborated to enable all staff groups to book shifts tailored to your preferences.

Powered by mii Collaborative Bank

Liaison Workforce is the strategic partner providing the technology and managed service for the North West Trinity NHS Banks. mii Collaborative Bank, powered by TempRE, is the technology platform behind the collaborative bank which manages shifts, timesheets and payroll.

Once you’re registered, you’ll be invited to download the TempRE app or login via the desktop site to book your shifts.

You can contact the TempRE helpdesk for any queries around payments or the TempRE system on 0800 083 0300.


You can register your interest in joining the bank here.

The sign-up paperwork should take no more than five minutes to complete. You may also be required to undertake additional checks which can take a few weeks to process.

Your employer is the trust employing you for the shift which you are working. This means you can work short fixed-term contracts with any trust across the collaboration.

You can book shifts on the TempRE system via your desktop or using the TempRE app:

Here, you can manage your availability and select the shifts you want to work.

You can get the TempRE Upgrade app for IOS or Android on your phone or tablet by scanning one of the QR codes below.

As above, or by calling our dedicated helpdesk on 0800 083 0300 for guidance.

You will be paid on a weekly basis after submitting an approved electronic timesheet through the TempRE system. You will be paid into your bank account as set up on assignment.

You may be eligible for the trust’s NHS pension scheme or another suitable workplace pension. Eligibility is determined upon each assignment and dependant on location.

Contact us here for details on joining the collaborative bank, or our helpdesk on 0800 083 0300 for any queries around payments or the TempRE system.